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Bluetooth Smart Scale

For best use:

  • Enter actual personal information before using.

  • Place scale on a hard, flat floor and avoid any carpet.

  • Enable Bluetooth on your smart phone. For Android 6.0+, you must turn on location.

  • Please keep your feet dry and bare when touching the four electrode areas.


  • Measurements should only be used for references. For medical purposes,consult a medical professional.

  • Not intended for use by professional athletes.

  • Body fat percentage measurements intended for users between 10 and 80-years-old.

  • Four high-precision sensors and four electrodes to ensure a quick and accurate body composition analysis.

  • Surface is made of 5 mm tempered glass; bottom is made of quality ABS plastic.

  • One scale,unlimited users

  • Share data with friends or family

  • Stand on the scale with bare feet and sync all metrics to the app within 10s!


  • Maximum weight: 396lb/180kg

  • Units: kg/lb (switch in FITINDEX app)

  • Scale interval: 0.2lb/0.05kg

  • Material: 5 mm tempered glass platform

  • Power: 3 x AAA batteries included

Easy to set up:

  • Download FITINDEX app (supports Android 4.3+ and iOS 8.0+) and register an account

  • Enable Bluetooth and open the FITINDEX app

  • Step on the scale and view the data on your phone

  • High Accuracy & Made of Quality Materials

Main Features of FITINDEX app:

13 KEY body composition metrics:

  • Body Weight

  • BMI

  • Body Fat %

  • Water %

  • Skeletal Muscle

  • Fat-free Body Weight

  • Subcutaneous Fat

  • Visceral Fat

  • Muscle Mass

  • Bone Mass

  • Protein

  • Basal Metabolism

  • Body Age